remove copyright footer from WordPress theme

How to Remove Copyright Footer From WordPress Theme Step By Step

Today i will share with you two ways on how to remove copyright footer from WordPress. First method is to remove it from the theme options. If you didn’t find it there you can go to the second method where we will use one CSS code to remove it. You can use CSS codes to remove basically anything on your website including texts, comments, links and even menus.

Remove copyright footer from Theme options:

1. Go to Appearance → Customize

2. Click on the footer settings

Search for the footer settings in the menu or (in some WordPress themes) you will be able to edit the copyright text simply by clicking it.

3. Remove the copyright text from the footer

Highlight the copyright text, right-click it and delete. You can also change copyright footer with your own text by typing it directly on the visual editor. for example “Copyright © 2021 8y35”

4. Save changes by clicking on the Publish button

Remove copyright text with CSS codes:

ِAnother way to remove the copyright text from footer is by using one CSS code. CSS codes are more effective in editing WordPress websites, they can remove any text, image or any element in your website. So here is how to remove the copyright text

1. Open inspected element

Right-click on your website browser and click on Inspect element or you can click Ctrl + Shift + C from your keyboard.

remove Copyright text in wordpress

2. Click on the arrow button

This button is used to highlight elements in your website page in order to inspect it.

remove Copyright text in wordpress

3. Select the copyright text i the footer

remove Copyright text in wordpress

4. Press on the plus button

This will tell the browser that you want to edit the highlighted element (copyright text) with CSS codes

remove Copyright text in wordpress

You will see a code like “.ast-footer-copyright”

5. Add the CSS code

Click at the empty space between the two arrows

remove Copyright text in wordpress

Add the code “display: none;”. You should see that the copyright text has been removed from your footer. If not go back to step 3 and make sure you had highlighted the right element.

remove Copyright text in wordpress

After that highlight the code and copy it.

6. Go to appearance → Customize → Additional CSS

remove Copyright text in wordpress

7. Paste the code and hit publish

remove Copyright text in wordpress

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