How to change WordPress password in database (with images)

If you have any issue with login to your WordPress dashboard or if you forgot your password you can easily recover it from your website database in your Cpanel. Of course, there is more than a way to do this but this one is most common and could be done in 5 easy steps:

Here are the details:

Step 1: Go to PHP my admin from your Cpanel

change WordPress password in database

Enter your website hosting account and go to phpMyAdmin in your database section.

Step 2: Open your website database

In case you have more than a site and you didn’t know which database you should open. go back to your dashboard and open your Apps installer in the software section. Press “installations” → “edit”. You will be able to see your database name from there.

Step 3: Find a file has the word “users” and open it

Step 4: Press on the edit button

Usually, you will see one user account which is the admin. But if you see more than one that means you have installed the demo version of your theme and it comes with a premade users list. You can easily remove any user you don’t want from there.

Step 5: Write down your new password

To make it work you need to change the user-pass to MD5 as you can see in the screenshot

After that, save the changes and you will be able to enter your WordPress admin area via your new password

Now, this is how to change WordPress password in database. if you have any questions or you got stuck at any point feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to respond ASAB.

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