How to make ancher link on a post

How to make anchor link on a post? – WordPress Anchor Links

Ancher link helps your readers to quickly scroll down on your page to find the information that they are seeking for.

To make ancher link on a post follow these steps:

  1. Go to the section where you want to scroll your page to when you press on the anchor link
  2. click on more options. (the 3 black spots that appears over your text).Then “Edit as Html”
  3. Now add a css id like this (you can choose any id you can remember)
  4. Go up with your page to the text that you want to add the anchor link to.
  5. Highlight it then click on “add link” icon.How to make ancher link on a post
  6. Now add your css class like this #step1How to make ancher link on a post
  7. You’ve done it! Now when you click on the ancher link you will scroll down to your targeted section automatically.

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