What are the must-have plugins for WordPress

11 Must-have Plugins for WordPres – our top 11 WordPress Plugins

11 must-have plugins that I recommend it to be used in any wp website. any website that uses WordPress needs a certain plugin that will help to improve it. for example, if you have a blog site you will need a social share plugin or maybe a pin plugin for your Pinterest images. And if it’s a webshop where you sell your products online, you will definitely need a plugin like Woocomerce to manage all your orders and allow your customers to make a purchase. So what are the must-have plugins that you will need for your wp website?

From my long experience with WordPress, I’ve seen that every website has its needs, but those 11 plugins are the most important ones in my own opinion:


I highly recommend this plugin to be used on any wp website. it has the tools that you need to speed up your website and makes it more easy to browse. it’s also a caching plugin but the main reason why I see it’s important that it has the “Lazy load” feature. this feature makes all the images in your site load slower than the texts which give your visitor a faster browse and gives you a higher score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has been very popular in the last years, And basically what it does that it teaches you how to do SEO to your posts or products even if you don’t have any knowledge in search engine optimization at all.

All in one wp migration

Back day when people want’s to transfer their website from one hosting to another, they were making a backup of the database and then download all the website files so they can put it as it is on the new hosting provider. but now it becomes way easier to do all these things with a few clicks.

This plugin makes a zip backup of your website. It saves everything in one package including your database file, WordPress plugins, themes, posts, pages, and Settings as well. And the best part is it makes it easy to collect all the files in one package and download it in one file which you can easily upload on your new hosting.

Contact form 7

contact form 7 is commonly used for making basic and simple contact forms that can be used on the contact us page. you can easily install it and make the fields that you want (for example Name: Subject: Message: ). then after you save it you can simply take the shortcode and put it inside your contact us page.

The best part about contact form 7 that it has an add on called “Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe” which you can use for accepting online payments via Paypal and Credit Cards.

Wp fastest cache

This plugin can speed up your website 2x times than it was before. it’s basically a caching plugin that optimizes your site and helps it to load faster which can improve your SEO ranking in search engines.

Wps hide login

Let me give you a quick information. any WordPress website could be hacked. That’s it. But luckily, it’s also easy to protect if you have an SSL certificate and you use a firewall plugin like wordfense it will be fine. but this plugin is something else.

You see when you want to enter your WordPress login page it will be something like this my-site/wp-admin. but with this plugin you can easily change it to any URL you want. you can make it my-site/login-page or anything else you can remember. and you can also limit the login attempts so if anyone enters a wrong password 3 times he won’t be able to log in for a while.

Just to make you comfortable. even if your website gets hacked, you can still get it back by contacting your hosting provider.


Have you seen that some Google search results appear differently than the others?. for example when you search for something you will find a big bordered frame in the top of the results. also when you search for a product you will see that some results have a yellow star rating. the same thing when you search for the news you see a line of the latest posts from news websites. That’s what we call schema.

So the definition of schema according to schema.org that it’s “a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines”

It’s simply some codes that you enter into your pages which explain to Google algorithm if this is a product, article, recipe, news.

So this plugin helps you to skip the coding process and rather it will give you some forms to fill in order to define your posts or products.

There is also a pro version of Schema which I highly recommend if you want to get better results on search engines.

Google Language Translator

This one allows your visitors to change the language on your website and read the posts with any language they like. It’s a fully automated translation that saves you a lot of time in translating your site into other languages. But the pros of it that the machine translation isn’t always right and it might have some mistakes so it would be better if you can translate it manually which leads me to the next plugin.


Polylang is one of the best plugins that you can use to translate your website into as many languages as you like. it supports the RTL feature and can translate your pages, posts, products, media, categories, posts tag, menus, and widgets. it also allows you to add a language switcher in your nav menu to switch between your site languages.

Mailchimp for wp

This plugin allows your visitors to subscribe to your website newsletter. it’s very popular and has more than one million active downloads. the great thing about this plugin that it could be linked with contact form 7 so you can have all your client’s information and emails in one list. And that will make it easy for you to contact them with one message from your Mailchimp account.

Wp smush

Wp smush is used as an image compressor. it compresses your images resize and optimize it in order to load your site faster and give it a better user experience. It’s a very popular award-winning plugin with over one million active installations. The main goal of it is to make your website load faster and reduce the size of the page by compressing and optimizing your images.

If you need any help with your site feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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