Dokan Pro vs YITH Multi Vendor Which One is the Best Multi Vendor Plugin For WooCommerce?

Vendors Can See Their Sales Stats
You Can Set a Different Commission for Each Vendor
You Can Verify Vendors Before They Can Start Selling
You Can Ask Sellers to Pay a Subscription Fee To SellPaid ExtensionFree
You Have The Ability To Edit Vendor Store Page
Vendors Can Add Their Own Shipping Fees
Users Can Report Abuse Vendor
You Can Allow Vendors To Create Auction-able ProductsPaid ExtensionPaid Extension
Vendors Can Print Their Shipping Lists and InvoicesPaid ExtensionFree
Automatic Payments Via Paypal And StripePaid ExtensionsFree
You Can Ask Sellers to Upload Their Ids (passport, ids..)X
You Can Ask Sellers to Verify Their Phone NumberX
You Can Set the Maximum Number of Products That Vendors Can PublishX
(Available with Membership Extension)
Vendors Can Generate Coupons
PricingCheck Yith Latest PriceCheck Dokan Latest Price

Are you looking for the best WordPress multi-vendor solution? It can be difficult to decide between YITH Multi Vendor and Dokan, so we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll compare the two solutions side by side and give you our verdict on which is the better option for your needs.


Are you looking for the best multi-vendor plugin for your WooCommerce store? If so, you may be wondering which one to choose between YITH Multivendor and Dokan Multivendor. Both of these plugins are designed to help you quickly and easily create a complex marketplace environment similar to AliExpress, Amazon and Etsy. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at both YITH Multivendor and Dokan Multivendor, comparing their features and pricing, as well as exploring their differences. By the end of this article, you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision on which multi-vendor plugin is right for your store.

Overview of YITH Multivendor

YITH Multivendor is a perfect-fit extension to quickly and easily create a complex multi-vendor marketplace environment, similar to AliExpress, Amazon and Etsy. The plugin helps you manage multiple vendors from your WooCommerce-based shop. It has a straightforward setup and intuitive user interface, allowing vendors to register and set up their own product listings within minutes. The plugin also includes features such as commission & withdrawal management, order management for vendors, shipping integration for vendors, and more. With YITH Multivendor, you can easily create a great marketplace in no time.

Overview of Dokan Multivendor

Dokan Multivendor is the most popular WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin, used by over 60,000 marketplaces from all over the world. It’s super easy to use and includes many features that enable you to transform your WordPress website into a multi-vendor marketplace in just 30 minutes. Dokan is an ideal solution for small and medium business owners looking for a cost-effective way to create their own multivendor marketplace. It includes features such as order tracking, commission management, sales report, product management, vendor dashboard, and much more.

Features Comparison

In this Features Comparison section, we will compare both YITH Multivendor and Dokan Multivendor. Both plugins offer a wide range of features to help you create and manage a successful multi-vendor marketplace. With YITH you get access to features like order tracking, vendor commissions, vendor reviews, and more. Dokan also offers features such as independent store for each vendor, customizable storefronts, and detailed reports. Both plugins also offer features like product management, shipping options, payment gateways and more. Both plugins are also highly customizable and can be used to create a unique multi-vendor marketplace for your business. So whichever plugin you choose, you can be sure that you’ll get all the features you need to run your business successfully.

Benefits of YITH Multivendor

YITH Multivendor offers a wealth of benefits to help you create a successful multi vendor marketplace. It has excellent vendor profile pages that allow vendors to create and add their own information, as well as a powerful search feature that lets customers find vendors by distance. Additionally, you can earn passive income from the sales of users who publish their products on your site. YITH Multivendor also includes a dashboard where vendors can manage their store, products, orders, and earnings. All of this makes YITH Multivendor an ideal choice for creating a unique and profitable marketplace.

Benefits of Dokan Multivendor

Dokan Multivendor offers a lot of benefits for your WordPress website. It’s a great choice for setting up a marketplace, as it has an improved user interface and better features than other multi-vendor plugins. There are a lot of features to choose from such as vendor storefronts, product management, order management, commission management, and many more. Furthermore, its marketplace approach is professional, practical, and more refined. Lastly, it’s relatively easy to use and setup, so you can get your store up and running in no time.

Pricing Comparison

When it comes to pricing, YITH Multivendor is an affordable solution for small businesses. It offers three pricing plans ranging from €99 for the single site license to €299 for the extended license. On the other hand, Dokan Multivendor offers four pricing plans starting from $149 for the Personal Plan, going up to $499 for the Enterprise Plan. Both platforms offer discounts on annual subscriptions and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, both plugins come with free trial periods so you can try them out before committing to a plan.

YITH Multi Vendor Pricing

YITH Multi Vendor pricing is an annual subscription fee of $99. This is a one-time payment that allows you to use the YITH Multivendor plugin and its features. The plugin also comes with a free tier that has limited features, but it’s a good way to get your feet wet before committing to the paid version. With the paid version, you’ll get access to more features and tools that you can use to create a truly unique marketplace experience. Furthermore, YITH Multi Vendor offers various customizations and integrations that allow you to better tailor your marketplace according to your own needs and preferences.

Dokan multivendor Pricing

Dokan Multivendor is a cost-effective solution for creating a multi-vendor marketplace. It has both a free and premium version. The free version offers basic features, while the premium version provides more advanced features such as global commission schemes, specific commission rates for different vendors, advanced shipping and inventory management, and more. The premium version of Dokan Multivendor is available at an annual subscription price of $149 per year, making it one of the most cost-effective options for setting up a multi-vendor marketplace compared to other solutions such as YITH Multivendor or WC Vendors.

Differences Between YITH and Dokan

When comparing YITH Multi Vendor and Dokan Multivendor, there are some key differences to consider. YITH has a more user-friendly interface and is generally easier to use, while Dokan offers more advanced features. Dokan also has support for multiple payment gateways and is better optimized for SEO. Another difference is that YITH offers a free version, while Dokan does not. Additionally, Dokan provides a more comprehensive vendor dashboard with more options for customization, as well as a dedicated mobile app for vendors. While both plugins offer the ability to create a full-fledged online marketplace, Dokan provides more options and features to help you manage the store more effectively.

Alternatives to YITH and Dokan

If you’re looking for alternatives to YITH and Dokan, AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon are some of the most popular multi-vendor marketplaces. All of them have a lot of features that make them stand out from the competition. They also have different pricing models depending on the size of your business. However, YITH and Dokan still remain a popular choice for many businesses due to their ease of use and vast feature set. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which multi-vendor platform best suits your needs.

Comparison Conclusion

In conclusion, YITH Multi Vendor and Dokan are both excellent WooCommerce multivendor plugins that offer a variety of features and benefits to help you create a successful online marketplace. YITH is a great choice if you’re looking for a plugin with lots of features, while Dokan is better suited for those who need a more cost-effective solution. Ultimately, the best plugin will depend on your specific needs and budget. Fortunately, there are also several alternatives to both YITH and Dokan, so be sure to explore all of your options before making your decision.

Dokan Multi Vendor Features

Here we’ll show you all the features Dokan Multivendor has to offer and how it can help you build the perfect eCommerce marketplace.

1. Introduction to Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin

Dokan is the best front end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It is an ideal solution for small and medium business owners who are looking to create a multi-vendor marketplace. With its intuitive setup wizard and powerful features, Dokan makes it easy for vendors to customize their stores and manage product inventory on a single platform. Dokan supports any WooCommerce-enabled theme, and provides vendors with a free theme to get started. Plus, it integrates with PayPal for efficient payment system and ensures data security with its advanced reporting system. With flexible shipping options, customizable user interface and robust customer support, Dokan makes it easy for vendors to create an independent marketplace of their own.

2. Facilities for Admin

As an admin, you have a range of important facilities available to you with Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin. You can view and manage vendor list, as well as control payment and shipping settings. Additionally, you can monitor vendor performance with advanced reporting. With the built-in PayPal integration, you have access to a comprehensive and efficient payment system, ensuring secure transactions for all parties involved. Furthermore, you can customize the user interface to meet your needs, and access a robust support system if any issues arise.

3. Marketplace with Independent Stores

You can easily set up your own marketplace with independent stores using Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin. Every seller gets their own store with a unique URL and branding, and they have complete control over the most basic features of a multi-vendor store. Vendors can post products, manage orders, sell products, manage their catalog, accept payment, manage tax, shipping and more. Dokan provides beautiful storefront styles with contact information for customers and vendors to communicate directly for any queries or support. Plus, with its $0/Free Forever version, you can get started right away without any upfront cost.

4. Data Security

When it comes to data security, Dokan Multivendor offers an impressive array of features. Your customers’ data is stored securely in the cloud, allowing for peace of mind knowing that their information is safe. The plugin also includes PayPal integration for easy payment processing and secure transactions. Moreover, all transactions are tracked, providing a comprehensive view of customer engagement and store sales report. All these features are bundled into a customizable user interface that can be tailored to your specific needs. With Dokan Multivendor’s robust support system and flexible shipping options, you can rest assured that your online marketplace is secure and reliable.

5. Payment System Efficiency with PayPal Integration

The Dokan PayPal Marketplace module adds a new layer of efficiency to your payment system. With advanced PayPal integration and the PCP features, you can make sure that customers have a secure and simple checkout process. You can also control the operation from the frontend dashboard, allowing customers to manage their orders, accounts, billing and shipping addresses with ease. The MANGOPAY integration (Pro) allows for split payments and multi-vendor support, so you can keep your business running smoothly in Europe. With customizable URL stores for vendors, you will be able to give them an easy way to access their store. Additionally, you can set up a recipient for shipping fees so that you don’t have to worry about any extra costs. All these features make PayPal integration with Dokan a great way to maximize your marketplace efficiency.

6. Flexible Shipping Options

The Dokan Multivendor plugin allows you to give your vendors the flexibility to set their own shipping rates based on location, price, weight, shipping class, or item count. This ensures that you’re able to keep your costs low and your vendors can offer competitive shipping options for their customers. Furthermore, you can also set up a simple flat rate for your store that can be configured easily and quickly. With this feature, you can ensure that your customers are able to enjoy free shipping on certain items or from certain vendors. As an admin, you have full control over the entire shipping process and can ensure that your vendors have access to the best shipping options for their customers.

7. Advanced Reporting

The Dokan Multivendor Plugin offers advanced reporting features for both admin and vendors. You can easily track all your store’s sales, profits, and customers with the help of various reports. The plugin also provides detailed product reports, vendor performance reports, and customer spending reports. Furthermore, you can view your sales data in pie charts and graphs to get a better understanding of your marketplace performance. This allows you to make informed decisions about your online business and take necessary steps to improve it.

8. Customizable User Interface

The Dokan Multi-Vendor plugin makes it easy for vendors to customize their store’s user interface. With a comprehensive dashboard, vendors can easily add features and manage their stores. It also offers a personalized, customizable dashboard on the store frontend that is compatible with most WooCommerce plugins. This allows for an efficient and organized user experience, where vendors can quickly access and manage their stores with ease. The plugin has beautiful templates and a good user interface that makes it simple to navigate. Furthermore, the plugin provides enhanced security through data encryption, PayPal integration for payment system efficiency, and flexible shipping options. All these features make the Dokan Multi-Vendor plugin the ideal tool for setting up a multi-vendor marketplace.

9. Robust Support System

Dokan Multivendor provides a robust support system to make sure all your queries and issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. The platform offers 24/7 customer service, so your vendors and buyers can get help whenever they need it. It also provides a detailed FAQ section and an extensive knowledge base to assist vendors in managing their stores and customers in navigating the marketplace. The system also features a ticketing system to help with any technical or customer service queries. With its reliable support system, you can rest assured that your vendors and buyers will have access to the help they need.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, Dokan Multivendor is a powerful plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that offers a wide range of features to help you create a successful multi-vendor marketplace. It offers admin facilities such as customizable user interface, payment system efficiency with PayPal integration, and advanced reporting. The marketplace offers independent stores and flexible shipping options, as well as data security. It also provides a robust support system to give you peace of mind. With all these features, Dokan Multivendor is the perfect solution to create your own multi-vendor marketplace.

Yith Multi Vendor Features

YITH Multivendor Plugin offers all the features you need to create a successful online marketplace, from product management and vendor payments to customer review systems. Read on to learn more about this incredible plugin and its features.


Welcome to the YITH Multi-Vendor Plugin! This plugin is designed to help you quickly and easily create a complex marketplace environment like the ones on AliExpress, Amazon, and Etsy, starting from your WooCommerce-based shop. With this plugin, you can give your merchants the power to manage their media galleries, goods, and personal information with ease. Additionally, it provides a modern vendor dashboard with stunning UX and a range of features such as convenience in vendor tracking, consolidated order and refund manager, shipping management, commission and payment system, reviews and ratings system, frontend dashboard, and marketing and advertising tools.

Order Management

With the YITH Multivendor plugin, managing orders is simple and straightforward. You can easily view, edit, and update orders from the vendor dashboard. You can also use the Order Management section to easily search, filter, and manage orders. This allows you to quickly find the order you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. The plugin also provides a detailed list of all of the orders in your store, including their status and payment methods. You can also view customer information such as shipping address and contact information. This helps you ensure that orders are delivered correctly to the right customer.

Product Manager

The Product Manager feature of the YITH Multi-Vendor Plugin allows vendors to easily upload, edit, preview, and track their products. This makes it incredibly convenient to manage a vendor’s media galleries, goods, and personal information. With this feature, vendors can also view the progress of each product they have listed on the marketplace. This ensures that vendors can keep track of how their products are performing and make any necessary changes as needed.

Vendor Dashboard

The Vendor Dashboard is a key feature of the YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin. It provides vendors with a comprehensive overview of their business and allows them to monitor and manage their orders, products, reviews and ratings, shipping, commission and payments, marketing and advertising tools. It also provides vendors with an easy-to-use frontend dashboard that allows them to make changes and updates quickly and easily. With the Vendor Dashboard, vendors can have full control over their business without having to rely on admin approval.

Shipping Management

With YITH Multi Vendor Plugin, you can manage your shipping options with ease. You can choose between different shipping methods and assign different rates to each vendor. You also have access to a real-time tracking system that will keep you updated on the status of orders. Furthermore, you can easily set up multiple shipping addresses for vendors in order to ensure that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

Commission and Payment System

The YITH Multivendor plugin allows you to manage commissions and payments with ease. You can set a global commission rate for all vendors, or you can set individual rates for each vendor. The plugin also supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Skrill and more. With the help of the commission and payment system, you can easily track commissions for each vendor and ensure that payments are received promptly. You can also use the reviews and ratings system to get feedback from customers about their experiences with your vendors. This way, you can ensure that your vendors are providing quality services and goods to your customers.

Reviews and Ratings System

The YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin features a comprehensive Reviews and Ratings System that allows customers to post reviews about products and services offered by the vendors. This system helps to ensure customer satisfaction and provides an insight into what customers think about the products and services. Furthermore, it helps vendors to improve their offerings and provides a platform for customers to voice their opinions. With this system, customers have the opportunity to rate their experience with the vendors based on several criteria, such as quality of service, delivery times, customer support, and more. This system makes it easier for vendors to stay on top of customer feedback, helping them to provide better products and services to meet customer demands.

Frontend Dashboard

The Frontend Dashboard feature of the YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin allows both administrators and shop managers to easily manage orders, products, and vendors from a single, user-friendly interface. This dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to quickly and efficiently manage your marketplace. From the dashboard, you can easily add vendors, check on orders and sales, manage shipping details and view commission payments. Additionally, you can also view reviews and ratings from customers as well as access marketing and advertising tools. This powerful feature helps make managing your multi-vendor marketplace a breeze.

Marketing and Advertising Tools

With YITH Multi-Vendor Plugin, you can promote your marketplace and attract more buyers with powerful marketing and advertising tools. You can easily promote vendors, products and campaigns through email marketing, social media campaigns and other advertising tools. You can also track sales performance and analyze customer behaviour with detailed analytics. With YITH Multi-Vendor Plugin, you can easily create a successful online marketplace that stands out from the competition.


In conclusion, YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin has a lot of features to offer that can help you streamline and manage your multi-vendor store with ease. From in-built order manager, product manager, shipping management, commission and payment systems, reviews and ratings system, frontend dashboard, marketing and advertising tools, you can ensure that your store runs smoothly and efficiently. With this plugin, you can be sure that your store will be able to handle a large number of orders and vendors without any issue.