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How to set up Recurring Payments on WooCommerce?

How to set up Recurring Payments on WooCommerce?

Do you want to set up Recurring Payments on your WooCommerce shop and make daily, monthly and yearly subscription plans? then this article is for you. Whether you have a Hosting company, providing services it will fit all business types. to set up woocommerce recurring payments you need to purchase the Yith WooCommerce subscription Premium plugin. It’s a very good alternative for the official WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

 Yith WooCommerce Subscription:

The cool thing with this plugin is that it allows you to offer a free trial where your customers will be able to access your products for free just for a limited time to test their strength before they decide to buy. The free trial is always recommended because even if your visitor didn’t purchase you will be able to list his email address in your email list and send him an offer to his email.

The first thing you need to do is to install the free version of the plugin. Then download the premium version and upload the file to your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin. Then activate.

The next step is to activate your license. You will find the license key on your Yith account in the licenses and downloads section.

Copy the key and go to your website dashboard → Yith → License Activation and paste it there. Type your account email address and click on activate.

Now the plugin is ready to be used. If you did it correctly you will see this page.

If you made a new product, you will see a new section that allows you to control your subscription plan. You can choose how much the user will be charged and when he needs to renew his subscription. You can also set a time when the subscription will end.

For the free trial, you can choose the period by days, weeks, months.. It recommended to make it between a 14 – 30 days trial.

You will find a lot of useful settings in the plugin dashboard like controlling what will happen if the recurring payment is not paid. You can cancel the subscription or suspend it until the payment is made. You can also allow users to pause their subscription or delete it.

woocommerce recurring payments

For the payment methods you can integrate:

  1. PayPal standard
  2. YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce
  3. YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium
  4. YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect Premium
  5. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce recurring payments addons:

1. YITH WooCommerce Account Funds

This plugin allows your customers to create a digital wallet and use the credits to renew the recurring order. This will help prevent any payment issues during the checkout and enhance your user experience.

2. YITH WooCommerce Membership:

This plugin is highly recommended for membership sites. You can use it to sell courses, lessons and make content available only to users who paid for it. You can also use it to give access to specific pages or products on your website only for members.

3. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates:

This plugin helps you to customize the emails that the subscription plugin sent. Including:

  • Subscription renew reminder
  • Subscription suspended
  • Subscription paused
  • Subscription resumed
  • Subscription payment request
  • Subscription payment made
  • Subscription failed
  • Subscription status
  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription expired
  • Subscription is going to expire

4. YITH Name Your Price:

It gives your customer the option to enter the recurring payment price for the subscription plan. You can choose a minimum and maximum amount that he can enter.

Any Thoughts?

if you’ve got any thoughts on how to set up Recurring Payments on WooCommerce, or any questions, feel free to share them in the comments down below- i do my best to reply to everyone!.

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