How To Fix WooCommerce Paypal unsupported currency issute

How to fix WooCommerce Paypal unsupported currency issue

Paypal unsupported currency issue:

So one of my clients has a WooCommerce webshop based in Yemen where he sells different types of products

His primary payment method was direct bank transfer and he wants to add PayPal as a defult. but as we know, Paypal doesn’t support Yemeni currency. So after the research i found a way to fix it by using the booster for woocommerce plugin. and here is how it works:
1. Change the store currency to USD.
2. Setup Booster for Woocommerce plugin.
3. Add the codes.

You might be amazed but the following steps could be done in less than 30 minutes! after you do it you will have all products in your store in your own currency, and in the checkout page, you will have PayPal as a payment option besides your other payment methods.
So without further ado let’s jump into the steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you don’t have any currency converter plugin in your store

If your website has a currency converter plugin then you have to disable it before going to the next steps.

Step 2: Change your woocommerce currency to any currency that Paypal support

Go to your woocommerce general settings and change the primary currency to any currency that PayPal support. after doing that you should be able to see all products in this currency.

Step 3: Enable Paypal payments

Go to woocommerce payment settings and enable PayPal payments.

Step 4: Setup Booster For Woocommerce plugin

Go to plugins → add new and search for booster for woocommerce plugin. install and activate it.

After that go to woocommerce settings → booster → payment gateways → gateway Currency Converter. Enable it and set PayPal currency to USD or any currency that PayPal support, and in the next field add the exchange rate.
For Example :
1 SAR (My store currency) = 0.27 USD (the exchange rate of PayPal’s currency which you will add on the field)

Make the other gateways in your store currency and add the value “1” on the exchange rate then click save changes.

Step 5: Add these css codes

Now here is the real work. download this file and from your website dashboard go to Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS and paste the file there.
Then from your keyboard press Ctrl + F and write “Add Currency” you will find two words turned into yellow, replace them with your store’s original currency and press publish.

Congratulations! you did it

Now your website is working in your currency and you’re able to accept PayPal payments as well..
If you have a question please leave it to me in the comments bellow and i will do my best to respond ASAP.

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