Best 3 Web Hosting For Consulting Business – Fast And Reliable Hostings

Having a consulting business, it is necessary to have a good and attractive website hosted by an effective web hosting provider. Being a consultant, we have to express our special skills and abilities in such a manner that makes it easier to have new clients. The most effective web hosting for any website is shared hosting of the web. If we want to make more than one consulting business website, there are many other options to look after which makes it easy to manage all our websites on the same platform of hosting. It is not necessary that web hosting is expensive.

There are many cheap and inexpensive web hosting packages available. These web hosting services provide a lot of benefits to our business because they manage our site on our behalf and help us deal with customers.

Review of the Best Hosting for Consulting Businesses

1. HostGator: Best for Dedicated Hosting for consulting business

A web hosting provider that is ideal for dedicated hosting for business, HostGator is considered one of the best hosting providers for consulting businesses around the world. It has unlimited bandwidth that offers its users the to manage their online business for a long time even before it asks for a new update. Their free-of-cost transfer also makes transferring and sets a system in which you don’t need to put that much effort.

Being one of the oldest and biggest web hosting providers in the industry, they have consistently made improvements posting average uptime of 99.98% over the past 24 months. The basic shared hosting plans on HostGator offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free domain, and a free SSL certificate. HostGator is also popular for its great customer service offered via live chat. 

HostGator is one of the oldest and biggest web hosting service providers. They have improved themselves a lot and made average uptime of about 99% in just the past 2 years. The basic packages of shared hosting allow users to have unlimited bandwidth and storage, an SSL certificate, and a free-of-cost domain. It is also popular for the great customer service that it provides through live chat. HostGator provides 3 levels in its shared hosting plan to its customers.

2. Bluehost: Overall Favorite for Consulting Business because of Cost

It is considered among the best web hosting service providers for consulting businesses. Bluehost is undoubtedly the best option to adopt for small businesses. So, their web hosting services have the first number on our best web hosting sites for consulting businesses.

Bluehost is located in Utah. Owner and runner are one of the best groups on the web namely EIG. Bluehost has very good pricing as it offers basic hosting packages at under $3 only for one month included in their 3-year contract with the firm. They also offer other packages like a plan for WordPress that starts at under $20 per month only.

For small consulting businesses, it is good to start at a basic level of shared hosting that Bluehost provides superbly. It is ideal for small businesses which are starting level. By taking the basic plan, they get many popular apps like WordPress with automatic installation through a digital marketing system. With this, the client also gets a control panel that controls matter region-wise and also allows its user to handle all things manually. Bluehost clients also get a Weebly-based builder of the web. This platform helps you to make websites up to six pages.

However, there are other benefits that Bluehost provides to its customers including great customer service, a fast response rate to questions, a mix of user-friendly functions, excellent managing potential, and a good vision to adopt more advancements in near future.

3.  InMotion: Best for Shared and VPS Hosting for consulting business

When you want to choose the best web hosting services for your consulting business, VPS and shared server system are the most important factors that you consider, especially for small businesses. When these are the most common elements for ideal web hosting, InMotion has different levels. It offers far better security and stability for your business. It is considered the best web hosting provider for big professionally running sites.

While many of us do not get what these hosting services mean, we are trying to define it simply. When you sign a contract with these web hosting companies, they will put your site on their servers to provide access to your clients whenever they want to visit the site. In a shared server manner, your consulting site will be able to share information with many other sites running on that server.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) package will also put your site on a shared server hosting system. But, the company will only allow you to have access to some part of the server to provide you with your consulting virtual computer on that server. This will restrict you to share your website with any other website running on the same server.

Furthermore, their pricing for shared and VPS hosting is fair even for startup consulting businesses. It is essentially why most online reviews recommend InMotion as the best hosting provider for small and medium enterprises. 

Without any doubt, InMotion is the best hosting provider for shared and VPS. It only becomes possible because of their extremely professional, reliable, and fast hosting services. Somehow it doesn’t look that attractive, but InMotion has superb advanced technology in its VPS system and shared hosting. The price for VPS and shared hosting is very affordable even newly starting consulting businesses can join them also. That is why InMotion is considered one of the best web hosting service providers.

What to Look For While Choosing a Website For your Consulting Business?

When choosing a hosting company for your consulting business, here are some points you should consider before.


You should choose a website or any blog that has too much downtime and people feel difficult to reach there.

Ease of Use

The website should have a professional team of admins who always upgrade and manage your hosting. They should make it easy to use for people.

Customer Service

This is the most important point to consider. Clients want their questions to be answered and their confusion to be cleared. You should choose a website or company that responds to and answer clients over their queries.


There are different ranges of prices over there depending on what you want a website to do for you. If your website gets 200, 300, or 500 visitors daily then your package of hosting must be able to handle these visitors. For most business owners a basic package that covers more than 500 visitors in a day is enough.

About Consulting Business

This consulting business industry is huge. It is worth more than $200 billion. It has an outstanding growth rate as well. From Information technology, Human Resources, operations, or finance, Business consultation is the main phenomenon in any corporate-level enterprise. There are more than 1 million business consultancy organizations in almost every kind of business in the world.

While this business is considered one of the most profitable works, consulting business is not safe from the advancement of new technologies in modern marketing. Hosting includes the most crucial aspect that every consulting business must-have. Knowing how growing consulting industry is, hosting services that are provided must solve clients’ problems.

Every consulting business should own a website or blog. Consultants should not deal with problems that come when you host your website with the wrong company. Many companies offer services like registration of names and hosting. Although many companies provide these services not all of them need to do good work.

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