Getresponse vs Unbounce __ a Detailed Comparison on Which One is Best

In the world of digital marketing, choosing the right tools to drive conversions and engage customers is crucial. Two popular platforms that offer different solutions are GetResponse and Unbounce. GetResponse is primarily known for its robust email marketing capabilities, while Unbounce specializes in creating high-converting landing pages. In this comparison, we will explore the key features and strengths of GetResponse and Unbounce to help you make an informed decision on which platform suits your marketing needs best. 

When comparing GetResponse and Unbounce, it’s important to note that GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform with additional features, while Unbounce is a landing page builder focused on conversion optimization. Choose GetResponse if you need robust email marketing capabilities, and opt for Unbounce if you prioritize creating high-converting landing pages.

Getresponse vs Unbounce

Drag-and-Drop Editor✔️✔️
Landing Page Templates✔️✔️
Email Marketing Integration✔️
A/B Testing✔️✔️
Conversion Tracking✔️✔️
Pop-up Forms✔️
Webinar Integration✔️
CRM Integration✔️
Mobile Responsiveness✔️✔️
Analytics and Reporting✔️✔️
SSL Encryption✔️✔️
Custom Domain Support✔️✔️
Pricing PlansCheck PricingCheck Pricing


  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: ✔️ GetResponse offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to create landing pages and email campaigns with ease.
  • Landing Page Templates: ✔️ GetResponse provides a wide selection of professionally designed landing page templates to choose from.
  • Email Marketing Integration: ✔️ GetResponse seamlessly integrates with its email marketing platform, enabling you to manage your email campaigns alongside your landing pages.
  • A/B Testing: ✔️ GetResponse allows you to conduct A/B testing to optimize your landing pages and improve conversion rates.
  • Conversion Tracking: ✔️ GetResponse provides conversion tracking features to help you monitor the performance of your landing pages.
  • Pop-up Forms: ✔️ GetResponse offers pop-up form functionality to capture leads and engage visitors.
  • Webinar Integration: ✔️ GetResponse includes webinar integration, allowing you to host webinars and drive engagement.
  • CRM Integration: ✔️ GetResponse integrates with popular CRM platforms, enabling you to manage your customer relationships effectively.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: ✔️ GetResponse ensures that your landing pages are mobile-responsive, providing a seamless experience for mobile users.
  • Analytics and Reporting: ✔️ GetResponse offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features to track the performance of your landing pages and email campaigns.
  • SSL Encryption: ✔️ GetResponse ensures secure communication by providing SSL encryption for your landing pages.
  • Custom Domain Support: ✔️ GetResponse allows you to use your own custom domain for your landing pages.
  • Pricing Plans: ✔️ GetResponse offers various pricing plans to suit different business needs and budgets.


  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: ✔️ Unbounce provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for creating landing pages.
  • Landing Page Templates: ✔️ Unbounce offers a wide range of professionally designed landing page templates.
  • Email Marketing Integration: ❌ Unbounce does not have built-in email marketing integration. You would need to use a separate email marketing platform.
  • A/B Testing: ✔️ Unbounce allows you to perform A/B testing to optimize your landing pages.
  • Conversion Tracking: ✔️ Unbounce provides conversion tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of your landing pages.
  • Pop-up Forms: ❌ Unbounce does not have native pop-up form functionality.
  • Webinar Integration: ❌ Unbounce does not offer built-in webinar integration.
  • CRM Integration: ❌ Unbounce does not have direct CRM integration.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: ✔️ Unbounce ensures that your landing pages are mobile-responsive.
  • Analytics and Reporting: ✔️ Unbounce provides analytics and reporting features to track the performance of your landing pages.
  • SSL Encryption: ✔️ Unbounce offers SSL encryption to ensure secure communication.
  • Custom Domain Support: ✔️ Unbounce allows you to use your own custom domain for your landing pages.
  • Pricing Plans: ✔️ Unbounce offers various pricing plans to cater to different business requirements.

What GetResponse offers:

GetResponse offers a variety of products to draw in targeted web visitors, engage and capture leads, and nurture and switch them into happy customers. Email marketing is retained in all of their Marketing Bay schedule and their All-in-One Suite. You’ll make a choice from a good array of email marketing templates to fit your business needs. you’ll be able to use pre-designed templates or personalize one to satisfy your requirements. Use their drag and drop interface to form a template that suits your business needs. Design beautiful email templates with rich text formatting.

Getresponse marketing automation

Apply filters of your choice. Their filters range from filtering supported country, created date, source, tags, and plenty more. additionally, GetResponse helps you personalize your emails by adding your contacts’ attributes to the emails, rendering a private touch. All users have access to email marketing templates. you’ll also upload your own, with no limits on the number of templates. you’ll use Email Octopus to send beautifully designed newsletters or simple personalized plain text emails. GetResponse helps users better engage with their customers by letting them design and trigger action-based emails. Besides this, the software helps create, send, and automate marketing emails without wasting any time. You’ll send targeted messages with the assistance of advanced segmentation and optimize your campaign performance by bearing on the actionable insights it provides or using A/B testing.

You can use their hosted forms, to gather email addresses with no complex integrations or code. Alternatively, you’ll be able to use their embedded forms or WordPress plugin and collect subscriber information on your website, without writing a line of code. You gain access to Getresponse within the free version, allowing you to sync and store all of your photos, graphics, and other files, so your campaigns are always consistent. It also includes a spread of basic templates, with additional ones available within the paid plans.

GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse offers a free account and the basic package starts at $49 per month.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Features:

  • Drag-and-drop automation builder
  • Full Reports
  • Integrations with third-party tools
  • API
  • Dedicated email support to help you out
  • Landing page builder

What Unbounce offers:

Unbounce is an all-inclusive marketing automation platform. The free plan, though, is meant for merchants setting out to promote their products with email marketing. While the free plan comes with a limited number of international SMS credits and Web Push notifications, you’ll purchase additional SMS credits if needed. additionally, the free plan allows you to use email campaigns and automatic workflows to achieve your customers with relevant messages – if you don’t exceed sending 500 emails per month.


If you decide on the quality plan, you’ll be able to send 12x your contact list size; you furthermore may receive a limited number of SMS credits and unlimited Web Push notifications. must you need additional SMS credits, these are available for purchase. The paid plans also significantly increase the number of segments. for example, you’ll be able to found a flow to automatically reach those that reached a selected webpage in your online store but left or people that abandoned their go-cart before completing the acquisition. All plans include the flexibility to segment your contact lists, build automation, and use features like popup boxes, sign-up boxes, landing pages, and also the wheel of fortune.

Unbounce is a reasonable email marketing service for tiny businesses. It comes with a collection of powerful marketing automation features, email list building tools, landing pages, and more. You’ll be able to quickly create an email newsletter and customize the e-mail design to match your brand within minutes by either choosing from their dozens of pre-made email templates or by creating a very custom template.


The nice part about Unbounce is that they provide marketing automation features to any or all plans including the free plan. you’ll be able to use their automation workflow designer to supply a personalized subscriber journey for your newsletter subscribers. Unbounce offers detailed email analytics that shows you important metrics such as email opens, clicks, bounces, product views, purchases, custom event tracking, and even predicted demographics data.

You can create responsive landing pages to match the emails that you just send, which can improve your chances of driving conversions. You’ll be able to run split tests on different variations of your email to determine what works best to drive clicks and conversions. Unbounce also provides you with a comprehensive campaign report that contains important stats like click rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate, and more. you continue to gain access to several useful features with the free plan, however. These include the drag and drop editor, the rich text editor, and also the built-in photo editor. You’ll be able to organize things in their file manager and build mobile-friendly email newsletters. You have got access to email automation and advanced segmentation, and in contrast to a number of the competition, Unbounce includes A/B testing in its free plan.

Unbounce Pricing:

Unbounce has numerous monthly and yearly plans; the basic package starts from 90 dollars per month. They also give 14 days trial.

unbounce pricing
unbounce pricing

Unbounce Features:

  • Event tracking options that enable hyper-personalization
  • A user interface that guides you through the process
  • In-built CRM that makes the sales process easier
  • Variety of integrations to increase your efficiency
  • List management and segmentation options
  • A plethora of integrations to boost productivity
  • Dedicated email support to help you out


There are still many other kinds of email marketing companies. the maximum amount as email could be a comparatively mature technology, email marketing still exists because it works. Over the years, many firms have developed email marketing tools to assist automate the method.

Obviously, you’d expect to get high-level automation, particularly if it saves you time and money. However, there are quite a few companies that are happy to over a free service for tiny users. All the e-mail marketing tools listed here include a free plan for smaller users, usually with a maximum of 2000 to 2,500 subscribers/recipients. In most cases, the value then rises proportionally to the number of subscribers and also the number of emails that require to be sent monthly.

Any Thoughts?

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