SendShark Vs GetResponse

Getresponse vs Sendshark, __ A Detailed Comparison On Which One Is Best?

Getresponse vs Sendshark

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This is a tool that might not be popular but so fantastic for your business. It will help you automate your marketing to realize increased sales. Here are some of its core features.


Your intended message is supposed to hit your subscriber’s inbox to inform them about discounts, new products in your store, the subsequent big sales, and more. The SendShark autoresponder does a phenomenal job. It tracks all the sent emails, and reports indicate an unprecedented deliverability rate of 99%.


As far as massive emailing is concerned, SendShark offers everything you need. The HTML code at your disposal allows you to display an opt-in form for your blog in WordPress. Plus, it helps generate hot subscribers to assist you in building, marketing, and selling your business.

Send Shark Support

You can reach out to the support team by either submitting a support ticket or with the help of a live chat. You also contact your success coach to help you make your autoresponder operational. They also have a private group that you can join and ask for help.

Page Builder

This tool has you covered by providing a full-page builder. Having it will help you create opt-in pages, design sales pages, offer check-out carts to enhance your call-to-actions, and build landing pages.

You only need to sign up and get instant access to the page builder. So, no need to purchase a separate page builder because you already have one incorporated in your autoresponder.

Email Marketing

SendShark enables you to wholly automate your email marketing with ease, manage leads, and build your list.

Also, with the SendShark autoresponder, you can skyrocket your conversion rates to the roof. Thus, it serves the essence of email marketing-building relationships and converting leads to customers.


GetResponse is a tried and tested tool that will continually help you to improve your campaigns and connect with customers.

Starting with small businesses to established ones, contractors, and freelancers, GetResponse has your back for all you need. It will help you create effective marketing campaigns using webinars, landing pages, conversion funnels, and robust email marketing.

Some great features for GetResponse are discussed below.

Creates Forms and Pop-Ups to Help You Collect Leads

Your leads are core in your email marketing campaigns. So, there is a need to have forms where potential clients can sign up with your mailing lists. GetResponse allows you to create such forms by simply logging in and selecting the forms and surveys to generate any form your need.

The good thing with GetResponse is that you have over 400 templates to choose from when creating forms. Plus, it allows you to customize the feel and look of the forms, images, CTA, and text to design mouth-watering and eye-catching forms.

Inform, Update, and Sell With the Help of Emails

This tool makes customization a walk in the park with its drag and drop builder. It creates newsletters for updates and growing your blog. You also have autoresponders to help you send automatic welcoming messages to new clients.

With the help of abandoned cart recovery templates, you can come up with awesome emails to invite customers to complete their purchases.

It has an all-time simplified design process. After finishing your creation, GetResponse allows you to schedule when to send to your target list. What is more, you can keep track and note how your emails are performing by turning on the Google analytics tracking button.

Create Automation Workflows

Although it takes a bit of time to learn how to use the automation builder, the results are worthwhile. Automation relies on triggers and conditions. For example, there are triggers to send a birthday message on a customer’s birthday.

Automated emails are personalized, timely, and relevant. Such features make GetResponse an incredible tool.

Automate Your Marketing With the Funnel Builder

Marketers are known to visualize the journeys of their customers. GetResponse makes this easy by offering a funnel builder.

A funnel describes all the steps involved in all marketing campaigns. These comprise SMS, emails, landing pages, and more.

This process is guided; you only get suggestions on the steps to make so that nothing is left out. For example, a prompt will tell you not to forget a thank you page and offer you a template. Fabulous!

Here is a detailed comparison between GetResponse and Send Shark Tools


Both have an enabled autoresponder functionality. These features are beneficial when sending action-based and time-conscious emails. Of the two, the SendShark autoresponder is straightforward and more explicit, making it easy to use.

Split Testing

GetResponse allows you to create several email campaigns and forward them to various target groups. You can also keep an eye on their performance.

With SendShark, you can create and send several campaigns to particular subscriber lists with the ability to come up with a unique ‘From’ name ‘Reply to’ website URL and address.


The two, Send Shark and GetResponse have this feature embedded in them. They help you create and keep track of your campaigns with minimal struggle. To speed up the creation process of emails, GetResponse offers you more than 120 templates. SendShark has fewer templates, though.


The analytics for GetResponse is elaborate with reporting capabilities. For example, you can analyze open and click rates. SendShark, too, has such detailed email marketing performance.

Marketing Automation

Getresponse marketing automation

The drag and drop feature in GetResponse creates automated workflows quickly and easily. Basically, this is a chart with instructions on what should be executed at every step. It informs your platform of what needs to be done when a user clicks a link or opens it. Unfortunately, SendShark is not enabled to perform this function.

Landing Pages

The landing pages creator for GetResponse enables you to create clear and fashionable pages. It also helps you determine conversion rates in real-time. Creating forms with Send Shark is easy and almost similar to that of GetResponse.


Only GetResponse can allow you to host webinars on your email platform.

Website builder

The two tools, GetResponse and SendShark, can allow you to create a website and link it to your domain.

Conversion Funnels

GetResponse allows you to forge forward and have marketing campaigns on Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, and more.

Pricing Comparison


Arguably, Send Shark is among the cheapest tools available in the market. It will only cost you $25 every month to use the send Shark service for a maximum of 50,000 subscribers. For up to 100,000 subscribers, you are charged $50 every month.

However, if you need a one-time package and some discount, you can pay $197 annually.

GetResponse Pricing Packages


GetResponse has four plans you can choose from depending on the needs of your business. Here is the price summary.

The Basic Plan – a list size of up to 1000 contacts at $15 per month

This plan suites a business looking for a few heads to turn their way. With this plan, you will get services such as email marketing, Facebook Ads, autoresponders, digital products sale options, unlimited lead funnels and landing pages, and a single sales funnel.

The Plus Plan – for a contact list of 1000 at $49 per month

Perhaps this is the most popular package to automate sales and generate more quality leads. It carries all the basic plan features plus five workflows automation builder and storage of up to 3 hours of recording with each webinar. It also has five sales funnels, contact tagging and scoring, conducting webinars with a capacity of 100 attendees and 3 users, meaning you can efficiently work as a team.

The Professional Plan – contact list of up to 1000 at $99 per month

This one is suitable for established companies seeking new and improved tools and features. It offers all the plus plan features. Unlike the Plus plan, it provides you with unlimited automation, web push notifications, webinar attendees shoot to 300, on-demand webinars, unlimited webinars and sales, and users increase to five.

The Max Plan

In this plan, you are offered a personalized quote depending on your company’s needs. You get great features such as a dedicated IP address, up to 10 users, integration of Microsoft dynamics, single sign-on, both phone and slack support, and webinars hosting as many as 500 attendees.

Which Tool is Better?

SendShark has the following strengths

  • It is probably the easiest to use and requires less time to master it
  • It’s is rich in automated workflows and features
  • In the long run, it is pretty cheap


  • Although the two have excellent support, GetResponse edges SendShark with in-depth email marketing guidance.
  • GetResponse has top-notch deliverability than SendShark
  • Both have affiliate programs, but SendShark pays a little more

Who Wins?

It all narrows down to the needs of your business. Are you starting the marketing journey and can barely chew bones? Go for SendShark.

Do you need a bit of sophistication and great experience in your marketing? GetResponse should be your choice.

Make a step today for the prosperity of your business. Choose now but wisely!

Any Thoughts?

if you’ve got any thoughts on Getresponse vs Sendshark or any questions, feel free to share them in the comments down below- i do my best to reply to everyone!.

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