SendGrid Vs GetResponse

GetResponse vs SendGrid _ A Detailed Comparison on which one is best

GetResponse vs SendGrid

When comparing GetResponse and SendGrid, it’s important to note that GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform with additional features, while SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service focused on reliable email sending and deliverability. Choose GetResponse if you need comprehensive email marketing tools, including automation and list management, and opt for SendGrid if your main priority is reliable email delivery for transactional emails and app notifications.

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The world of business is increasingly becoming competitive each day. As a result, entrepreneurs have resorted to investing in software applications to cut recurrent costs and increase efficiency. The hurdle, however, is to tell which software is best for your business, given the numerous email marketing applications available in the market.

This article compares GetResponse and SendGrid to shed light on why you may choose one over the other.

It is crucial to understand how the two applications work. This will enable you to get the value of your investment by choosing the appropriate tool.


getresponseGetresponse marketing automation

This tool is among the blueprint applications in the email marketing niche. It was first launched in 1998, meaning it has been in existence for more than two decades. As a matter of fact, it is an all-time successful email marketing tool out there.

For example, GetResponse is among the brains behind the introduction of the autoresponder feature. It helps users keep a close eye on the contact list and create outstanding marketing campaigns. It also offers tools and information required to execute the campaigns effectively.

Currently, the app does not only help in email marketing but is also a giant and all-in-one marketing tool in eCommerce.


This app is relatively new in comparison with GetResponse. It has also evolved since its inception in the year 2009 to become nearly an all-in-one solution.

How do the two apps compare?


These are emails triggered by the actions of recipients and are tailored towards efficient communication. The users set triggers, which initiate the sending process, find the mail list and finally deliver the messages.

The two options have this feature, although the autoresponder 2.0. for GetResponse performs better compared to SendGrid.

Getresponse marketing automation


This feature is ideally found in GetResponse. It constantly exposes you to updates, deals, and notifications inside an email. Fundamentally, only GetRespose has this customizable feature.

Personalized Mails

The two options have customizable templates for this feature involving self-composed mails.

List Segmentation

This excellent tool for organized yet divided marketing incorporates tagging to recognize the given groups.

The two options, SendGrid and GetResponse, have incorporated this feature. However, it is pretty effective with GetResponse.

The capacity in list-building is limited to providing basic segmentation in SendGrid. Meanwhile, elaborate Subscriber Tagging and List Boosters have been included in the GetResponse list segmentation.

Email Marketing Campaigns

This feature is typical to both GetRespnse and SendGrid.

When reaching out to specific targets, this feature comes in handy. It allows you to send emails in bulk to various contact groups.

GetRespons has the upper hand in email campaigning because of its receiver lists.

Email Deliverability

This feature indicates the failed and successful mails.

It also calculates the exact percentage regarding the delivery of emails while providing valuable data about the effectiveness of email campaigns. Although the two apps have this feature, SendGrid offers better rates than GetResponse.

Automated Workflows

This feature allows for scalable workflows founded on client journeys. It will enable you to automate marketing workflows to keep track of subscriber behavior in real-time.

Plus, it allows you to respond to completed purchases, crucial web page visits, abandoned carts, and engagements on messages.

In SendGrid, there are no ready-made scripts. As such, you only choose a set series of welcome emails. Its automation process allows you to create scripts from scratch.

The SendGrid automation editor is integrated with other settings to enable you to set the main parameters, including giving a name to the automation process, determining the instant when contacts are added to the database or a particular segment, and when it is excluded. Automation involves a series of autoresponders.

GetResponse prides itself in having elaborate marketing and autoresponders automation. Autoresponders make it possible to send emails at a particular frequency. In fact, they are calendar displays that indicate what is scheduled on a given day. The marketing automation for GetResponse is quite powerful in that it allows you to come up with the entire automated campaign. It also allows the client to create several scenarios.

Plus, the designer has endless possibilities with an attractive and quick-to-understand interface.


Automation of emails, keeping track of web traffic, automation segmentation, and lead scoring.

GetResponse is far more automated than SendGrid.

Additional Sign-Up Forms

This feature is typical of GetResponse. The sign-up forms help to heighten conversion rates. The emails collected from the prospective client are sent to separate lists.

The editor for the subscription forms is basically the same in structure SendGrid email editor.

The settings section allows you to specify the form name, select the contacts to receive the designated forms, and how the thank you message will read. The build section enables you to manage the fields of the forms. For example, you can add predefined areas, including mobile numbers and zip codes.

The styles section is in place to enable you to change the text, background color, and call-to-action buttons.

The GetResponse tool provides you with various choice sign-up forms to suit all your tastes. For example, download form, pinned form, scroll form, and exit form. It also has many animation options for you to choose from and, as a result, add to the attraction of the form leading to higher conversion rates.


GetResponse goes down on record as the first email campaign provider to offer a comprehensive webinar marketing solution.

Webinars will allow you to nurture your customers and help you lay the foundation for acquiring new ones. It can also be used for host training, demos, product announcements, and other functions.

Features for webinars include presentation sharing, polls, chat, COIP camera and voice enhancements, desktop sharing, moderation tools, and attendee management.


This feature enables you to create customizable pipelines to help nurture your leads and eventually make them your regular clients—spot openings with the help of deals and stages that suit your sales process.

It also allows you to add comments and essential notes to your deals to easily monitor the day-to-day activities to help you realize your goals.

Features include deals, pipeline view, reminders, notes, and stages.

Reports and analytics

The analytics in SendGrid provides for the control panel customization by including different statistics on the screen. SendGrid gives you access to data regarding the number of clicks, unsubscribes, deliverability, opens, and possibilities of getting to spam.

In GetResponse, reports (activity and post-delivery reports) provide the basis for information analysis and statistics. The number of subscriptions is obtained from the activity report while the unsubscriptions are in the contact list and the mailing metrics data. The post-delivery report is compiled at once with all the mailing indicators. It is usually sent at a particular period after sending the mailing.

The GetResponse stats can be viewed in the analytics section of the newsletter. You only need to select the distribution type, letters, and lists whose data you want to view. You will see all the information regarding opens, clicks, and more represented in graphs, tables, and diagrams.


Although it can be integrated with other services, SendGrid has no clear list of such services and applications.

However, GetResponse has nearly 150 such integrations, including Stripe, Shopify, PayPal; the list is long.

Getresponse marketing automation



You can only send a message to the support team with the help of a ‘ticket’ when using the free tariff. For the paid plans, the team is available all the time to address your concerns.

The most expensive tariff has a telephone contact you can use to access the support team but only during business hours.


This app has all-round the clock support accessible via live chat or email. The support team has multiple languages. This means you can make your consultation using your preferred language. You can also make your inquiries via for prompt responses.


Email marketing automation, lead scoring, web traffic tracking, cart abandonment, automation segmentation.

Benefits of SendGrid

It has a simple interface that allows for the visualization of data.

The platform is secure thanks to two-factor authentication and verified registration.

You can sign-up for a free plan.

Its analytical data module provides spam complaints, delivery errors, and more.

Benefits of Getresponse

It has several additional features, including sales funnels, Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook, and Web Push Notifications.

The email templates are not only many but also quite amazing

Its marketing automation is elaborate, allowing for automation scenarios, filters, and conditions.

The registration forms and landing pages are colorful and attractive.


GetResponse Pricing

The GetResponse plan does not have a free program, but for 30 days, one has access to various tools, some of which are not included in the easy to acquire plans. The main undoing during the trial period is the contact database size, whose restriction is up to 1000 contacts.

This app prides itself on 4 plans:


Free Plan

  • Allows you to create and host just one landing page having a limitation of 1000 visitors in a month
  • Offering unlimited newsletters
  • Registration forms
  • A website builder creates and hosts one site that accesses all crucial features, including galleries, forms, and pop-ups.
  • Custom domain

Basic plan

The basic one has a maximum of 1000 contacts at $15 per month. Buying this plan will allow services such as:

  • It offers all the free plan features plus,
  • Standard segmentation based on the contacts in your account
  • Autoresponders
  • Email marketing
  • Lead and sales generation funnels
  • Newsletter planning
  • Automation templates

The Plus Plan

  • The cost is $49 per month
  • Provides all the features offered by the basic plan
  • Marketing automation
  • Three users
  • Webinars
  • Contact scoring and tags
  • Advanced segmentation

Professional Plan

The Max Plan suits large businesses whose email campaign strategies are pretty complex. It offers manager assistance and individual support. Lately, GetResponse has embarked on creating authoring materials such as guides, research, and reports at zero cost and actively expanding its knowledge base on email marketing. You will enjoy the following services:

  • In this package, you will have to pay $ 98 per month
  • You will enjoy all the PLUS package services
  • Five users
  • Ecommerce features such as integrations and built-in features to help you optimize sales across various channels
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of funnels to help increase sales, generate leads, and host paid webinars.

SendGrid pricing

This platform provides free, paid, and advanced plans. The free tariff does not have a limitation of time. However, it has other restrictions, including a maximum of 2000 contacts and at most 6000 emails in a month.

The basic plan will approximately cost you $15 each month, while the advanced plan starts from $60 each month.

The free plan and basic plan have some differences, including the lack of a dedicated IP address for the free plan.

The free plan also lacks additional IP addresses, and you can only access the technical support services using the feedback form.

The free plan, however, has access to email marketing, reports, analytics, and more.

Which platform is suitable for you?

Having delved into each functionality regarding the two apps, we can undoubtedly say that SendGrid has the least basic set of features. It means that the platform is unlikely to manage complex marketing strategies. Also, they only have a functional support team for the paid-up tariffs.

However, their security and deliverability are top-notch. Suspicious and dubious emails cannot find their way to the platform save for the strict checks by the support team. They use two-factor authentication to ensure that genuine service seekers enter the platform.

Deliverability is among the key issues SendGrid takes into account. As such, the suppressions module is contained in a separate panel to enable you to analyze unsubscribers by groups and, in general, based on their data, blocks, read spam reports, delivery errors, or note invalid emails.

GetResponse has an all-in-one roof marketing platform focusing on such features as CRM systems, landing pages, and excellent email marketing. It also has sales funnels, webinars, Instagram, and Facebook advertising.

Its marketing automation and segmentation functionalities are so detailed and certainly meet the expectations of any thriving marketer. The GetResponse platform can adapt to its development agenda if a company wants to scale up.

It adapts to all customer needs at any particular moment. Recently, the platform launched web push notifications making multi-channel communication a reality.

The choice for the best tool for your business lies with you.

Any Thoughts?

if you’ve got any thoughts on GetResponse Vs SendGrid, or any questions, feel free to share them in the comments down below- i do my best to reply to everyone!.

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