Getresponse vs My Lead System Pro __ A Detailed Comparison on which one is best

Today, doing business is a cutthroat affair due to the hundreds of enterprises initiated each day. So, to become successful, you need rigorous promotions, marketing, and actively engaging in advertisements.

Also, to get value for your investment, you need to truly understand what digital marketing is and what to do to get the best out of it.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

This platform educates people with various interests, including bloggers, entrepreneurs, and advertisers who want to understand the digital segment of marketing fully.

Norbert Orlewicz and his friends first initiated the MLSP program over a decade ago. Since then, it has helped marketers that wish to become pros in digital marketing. The founders claim that with its help, it is hard to receive a rejection from those it is pitched to.

It teaches you to come up with lead generation strategies. By the end of the training, you shall have learned how to do online marketing, sales, funnel, social media marketing, and more. The advantage of the program is that it keeps evolving to capture the most recent trends in the world of marketing.

The design of this program majorly focuses on multilevel marketing individuals. It also encourages other MLM marketers to promote MLSP. Its concept lies in the following precepts:

  • Make your lead page have traffic
  • Front end offers
  • And, your MLM company choice

A reward in the form of commission awaits you after passing the three-way process. This training has several levels, with the basic members enjoying minimal features.

Lastly, the program sets itself as the ultimate system for lead generation for all online businesses.


To help you decide what is suitable for you, the program offers a 30-day trial period at no cost. Also, if you do not wish to continue with the program, you only need to contact the support team to provide your credit card information for a refund, usually effected after a month. However, it would help if you were an active member to enjoy the commissions and compensations where applicable.

Although this program might be countered by many scams reports out there, it truly is a powerful tool. As well, as you enrich your knowledge, you can also earn. At the moment it has two packages available, namely:

MLSP University, which is the cheapest of the two. Its membership will cost you a monthly subscription of about $49.97.

The MLSP mastery package goes for $149.97 each month. It is recommended for experienced MLM marketers since its features are elaborate.

It also has some hidden charges that can be confusing. For instance, when purchasing the MLSP mastery, you should know that you will incur additional costs for upgrades to enable you to access advanced training.

You can find many nice features in the MLSP program, including free interactions with like-minded individuals, live webinar links, and online training modules. Other features include sample resources, MLSP article directory, social media, squeeze page template, a bonus of $100 for recruiting a member to the mastery program, and more.

Its Merits

  • It has glossy landing pages to attract and convert new customers
  • Its online packaging is very decent
  • The training program includes several webinars
  • A unique and solid training paged on the ‘law of attraction.’
  • Its disadvantages
  • The program is so expensive
  • Many complaints from previous users term it as a pure scam.
  • A few training materials are up to date.
  • You are forced to market their product besides the products you wanted to promote
  • Several of the recommended strategies are costly to implement


Getresponse prides itself on acquiring more than 350000 customers across the globe thanks to its email intelligence and user-friendly interface.

As you grow, GetResponse will help you improve your online campaign to attract and convert potential clients. It has everything you need to achieve your goal, including autoresponders, online surveys, and social networking integration.


Autoresponders can also be called email drip campaigns. GetResponse has ready-made templates to help you create autoresponders when doing welcome or marketing campaigns. The calendar view will help you approximate when those emails reach the designated destination.

The autoresponder feature tracks how the recipients of your emails interact with messages and stores all this information in a file.

Landing Pages

GetResponse has an in-built landing page builder to help you develop fabulous landing pages built from scratch. You will have over 100 ready-made templates to choose from at your disposal.

The landing page creator will enable you to use sections to structure all your landing pages, add both static and pop-up forms, add icons used for social sharing, add content blocks for images, text, video, and buttons.

Conversion Funnels

GetResponse can easily help you create map conversions and visual funnel into an editable template using the conversion funnel tool. With the help of this tool, you can make various channels, including emails, webinars, landing page conversions, and more.

The tool will help you monitor all the actions from the moment they hit the funnel. This will significantly help you to follow the effectiveness of your marketing.


Getresponse offers you a complete webinar. This tool gives you access to interactive whiteboards and design tools, multiple hosts, moderated charts, recording, and screen sharing to help launch and create webinars.


You can segment your contact information using the information from the pages your customers first sign up for, the amount spent while purchasing your products, and emails opened.

GetResponse can help you send specific messages tailored towards repeat customers by segmenting all your subscribers based on previous purchase numbers.

Exceptional Workflow Customization

GetResponse will power email marketing for your organization to greater heights. With it, you are assured of enhancements to webinar performance. The number of webinars guests can triple, and as well you can get a double portion hour for recording storage.

You can significantly improve your workflow management by developing a visual editor and custom workflows.

Condition blocks can be easily and quickly be dragged and dropped. For instance, you can set the minimum requirements needed for particular subscribers.

A/B Split Testing

GetResponse can help you run various tests to help you send the most effective messages to your contacts. All this can be accomplished with the help of A/B split tests that enable you to try out different subject line variations, email content, newsletters, and time of sending.


The free plan is basically valuable for people starting email marketing. With it, you can send emails to 500 contacts. However, you can make a kill in the free trial arrangement because you are sure to access all the features GetResponse offers. You have up to one month to enjoy building webinars, unlimited marketing automation, etc.

Even with the basic plans, the value for your money is more guaranteed than you can get from the competitors, especially if the number of your contacts is substantial. However, if you have a small-sized database, GetResponse prices can be competitive. At only $15 paid each month, you can host up to 1000 contacts. Other plans include the Plus plan at $49, the Professional plan at $99, and the Max plan is customizable.

Who Wins?

GetResponse is equipped with advanced and excellent features, including landing pages, real-time tracking analytics, webinar solutions, and more. This makes it appealing for B2B businesses.

While My Lead System is way too expensive, the pricing for GetResponse is friendly, and the free trial plan costs nothing but offers everything you would need for your marketing campaign. Its interface is easy to use besides offering other essential features.

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