Author: Yasir


How to protect your WordPress website from Hackers

Preventing your website is way better than curing your website from hackers. This article will train you on what measures to take in order to prevent your WordPress website from hackers.I’ll be discussing a few tactics which will teach you how to prevent your WordPress website from hackers. After implementing these tactics you will be […]

Wordpress Plugins

How to install wordpress plugins on localhost

Local host is one of the best methods for wordpress developers to improve their skills. it helps them to do some trainings in designing and making different types of websites absolutely for free. It’s very good for new developers or those who want to learn wordpress just for fun. There are two ways to to […]

Wordpress Plugins

What are the must-have plugins for wp

11 must-have plugins that I recommend it to be used in any wp website. any website that uses WordPress needs a certain plugin that will help to improve it. for example, if you have a blog site you will need a social share plugin or maybe a pin plugin for your Pinterest images. And if […]